Board Game: Sequence

Board Game: Sequence This is a game that is simple enough to become quickly involved but challenging enough to be engaging. A great way to spend time with family and friends. Have a great week, with Warm Yummy Wishes Gwen: Your CT Host

Movie – The Blind Side

Movie Inspiration- The Blind Side This incredible true story is based on a struggling, homeless orphan who gets taken in by a wealthy family. Blessed with incredible size and athleticism, he then discovers his love for football. Watch this feel-good movie with the entire family.

Movie: Life of a King

Starring Cuba Gooding Jr. This movie is a true story about a former felon who has a passion for chess. He decides he can keep kids off the streets by teaching them the game of chess. An incredible, beautiful story. Have a great week, with Warm Yummy Wishes Gwen: Your CT Host

Book: The Midwife of Hope River

Book Recommendation: The Midwife of Hope River The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman. I really enjoyed reading this novel because, you are given a glimpse in time of the depression era in West Virginia. Tough times as you might imagine. But what is really interesting is how the midwives are treated. These are amazing women that you will… Read More »

Young Girl Saves Bees

Learn how a young girl is saving the Bees through a very sweet recipe. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes Gwen: Your CT Host Recipe adapted from:

The Sweet Surprise!

Find out how the Norfolk Fire/Rescue Department in Virginia made a woman’s day. What they did was a sweet inspiration. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes

Book called – Getting Rid of Rosie by Lynda Simmons

Getting Rid of Rosie is a book that is wonderfully entertaining with fabulous characters who will make you laugh and cry. You will not be able to put this book down because the plot is steeped with humor, intrigue and unpredictability. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes Gwen: Your CT Host

Story: True Love

True Love – A women fell in love with a prospector who had been searching for gold for decades and who knew if, he would ever find his gold. She didn’t care. Maybe, she felt she had found her treasure. When you are with someone who makes your days brighter, there really is nothing more precious than that. Two years… Read More »

Book – Full House by Janet Evanovich

Book – Full House by Janet Evanovich Janet Evanovich has a unique wit and style. Her books are often so hysterical that you find yourself bursting into laughter throughout the book. Her characters never fail to deliver fabulous witty lines and her plot is always unpredictable and very entertaining. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes Gwen: Your… Read More »

Book: The Hallowiener by Dav Pilky

This is one of my favorite picture story books for Children. The characters in the story are absolutely adorable. The main character is a wiener dog who has a dilemma. His mother has created a costume to make him look like a Hot Dog. The story is quite comical and delightful. Of course it is Halloween Night and something quite… Read More »

Ohio Police Adopts a Stray Dog

This story link is about a dog who found a truly amazing home with a very large family and many many brothers and sisters. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes. Gwen, Your CT Host

Teacher’s Beautiful Letter

A Texas teacher sent a note home to the parents saying she will not assign homework because studies have shown that there is no proof that it will improve student performance. Read what she recommends instead. This letter went viral and this teacher received overwhelming support and gratitude.

Book: Hamish Macbeth Series

Hamish Macbeth Detective Series by M.C. Beaton This is a fabulous Police Detective Series that takes place in Scotland. The characters are wonderful and endearing. The books are engaging, humorous and absolutely entertaining. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes. Gwen Your CT Host  

Favorite Teacher, Brian Henry

Favorite Teacher, Brian Henry Creative Writing Teacher There are many fabulous teachers that we remember from grade school or beyond who will never realize how much they are remembered and truly appreciated. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Yummy Wishes. Gwen Your CT Host

Story: Cristiano Ronaldo

Story: Cristiano Ronaldo I think Cristiano Ronaldo is a Star not only on the Soccer Field but off the field as well.  Read this great story on this link to find out why.   A very sweet story. Hope Everyone Has a great week. With Warm Yummy Wishes, Gwen Your CT Host

Series on Netflix called Suits

Series on Netflix called Suits recommended by chocolate time

Board Game: Mexican Train

Board Game: Mexican Train – August 17, 2016 This is a board game that’s so much fun. All ages can play. It’s lively and engaging. What I really like about a game is, it allows people to enjoy an easy activity well conversing and having fun. Have a great week everyone. With Warm Wishes, Gwen CT Host  

Book Recommendation: A Higher Call

Book Inspiration By: Adam Makos and Larry Alexander This is the incredible true story of a young WWII American Fighter Pilot Charlie Brown. On his first mission 4 days before Christmas his plane is almost destroyed and his chances of survival are dismal when, something totally unexpected occurs from the most unlikely person. This book reveals that compassion is sometimes… Read More »

Story: Dolphins saves swimmers

This week I mentioned a true story of how a group of Dolphins saved swimmers from a shark attack. I loved this story because I believe animals are capable of great compassion and heroic acts that make our lives better. Who would have imagined that Dolphins have been contributing to such deeds of compassion? Here is the Link: Hope everyone… Read More »

About Chocolate Time

Dear Viewers, Welcome to ChocolateTime recipes and inspirations. There are two reasons why I’m doing this show. First: I love chocolate and have many irresistible recipes I can’t wait to share with you. Second: All my life I have been inspired by my cousin Carmela and her passion for preparing and sharing great food. Through her cooking, I’ve watched her… Read More »

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